Postulate like a pro can help you

Miracles can be elusive. Douglas leads by example; he illustrates wonderful examples of the power of prayer and provides a proven method to boost meaning and purpose in life. His narrative helps make sense of miracles. This is a book that with each read through, digging deeper within the self and text, will provide new insights.

    • Become Miracle Minded

    • Be Miracle Ready

    • Cultivate Connection to Devine

    • Nurture A Meaningful Life

    "He who hesitates is lost. The universe likes speed, showing up, and taking action."
    D. Mercer
    • Valerie Marsman

      "Douglas does a wonderful job captivating the reader and really probing the reader's understanding of the divine. After reading the book I gained a lot of new wisdom that really made me think, I can't wait to integrate and apply it!"

    Douglas Mercer

    LCADC, M.S. Psychology

    Award winning author Douglas Mercer shares years of expertise in his book Postulate Like a Pro. He has been a counselor since 1983, Senior Adjunct Professor at the community college level teaching in the Social Science Department since 2011, and recently asked to join the Advisory Board as a member for the addiction studies at his alma mater junior college. For the past 25 years, he has served as an Advisory Board Coordinator for the Professional Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. He has held elected official positions on the state association level in his field. His various career experiences include Consultant, Senior Alcoholism Counselor, Employee Assistance Professional, and Director of Substance Abuse Treatment.
    “Now, if that was not a clear sign of the divine getting in touch with me, then call it coincidence. Carl Jung would have plenty to say about coincidences.”
    D. Mercer